Is Frontend the new Backend?

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Frontend evolution

Frontend development was much simpler in web development’s infancy. Web pages were mostly static, coded with HTML and little else, and all the hard work of managing data sets, that required smart architecture and fancy algorithms, was done in the backend, on the server’s side.

Frontend today

Nowadays frontend developers have to know a lot of stuff besides the usual
HTML/CSS/JavaScript, there’s TypeScript, bundlers, architecture and stream processing, at least one SPA framework, responsive design, testing and the list goes on. Along with many technical skills they also need a good eye for design which in turn suggests at least a passing familiarity with some UI/UX design applications like Sketch.


With so much stuff to keep track of, is it any wonder many frontend developers are reaching burnout?



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Nemanja Alavanja

Nemanja Alavanja

Software developer engineer/architect currently working on Serverless architecture powered by AWS Node Lambda