If you spend any time on developer-dedicated forums you’ll notice a common theme of programmers loving to hate on their managers. The issues seem to magnify if the manager never held a coding job and doesn’t have the necessary technical knowledge about what the developer actually does. On the other hand, good developers don’t automatically make good managers.

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Here are some of the common problems developers encounter with their managers, at least from my perspective :)

Micromanagement and meddling

For many developers, the only way to earn a promotion is to take the manager route. If the best developer on…

Traditionally, frontend development was seen as being less complex and much easier to master than backend development. For some, even today, frontend developers are nothing more than “glorified designers”. If you are a HTML, CSS or JavaScript developer, you shouldn’t despair, because this kind of gatekeeping has existed almost as long as programming. (For reference
see The Story of Mel in which Real Programmers only deal with machine code and FORTRAN is for wimps.)

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Frontend evolution

Frontend development was much simpler in web development’s infancy. Web pages were mostly static, coded with HTML and little else, and all the hard work of…

Nemanja Alavanja

Software developer engineer/architect currently working on Serverless architecture powered by AWS Node Lambda

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